SNES Themed JOY-CON! – HOW TO replace the Buttons! – FULL TUTORIAL

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DISCLAIMER: Only for people who know what they’re doing! Don’t break you Joy-Con!!! πŸ˜‰

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For the impatient ones, here are some shortcuts to the different sections of the HowTo!
2:12 Joy-Con disassembly
5:04 Buttons dimensions
5:57 Dimensions chart
6:20 Cutting / Modding the buttons
9:45 Gluing the buttons
11:32 Joy-Con reassembly
14:23 The final result

So as I was saying, I always loved the SNES controller color scheme, and when the Nintendo Switch got out, I was quite disappointed.
I’ve always wanted a SNES themed Joy-Con controller. The problem is that Nintendo didn’t do one (I’m sure they will, but I wanted it now).
So I decided to modify my JoyCon and transform it into a SNES themed Joy-Con, with the colored ABXY buttons.
What I did was order some New 3DS buttons online, and mod them to fit the Joy-Con. The good thing is that the New 3DS buttons are almost the same size as the Joy-Con buttons. At least the diameter is, and that’s what matters!
I had to modify the original buttons and unify them with the New 3DS ones.
Check this full tutorial to know how to make your own SNES JoyCon, using parts from the Nintendo New 3DS. You’ll see how to interchange the buttons and put the New 3DS buttons into the Nintendo Switch JoyCon.
This color scheme was also present on the Super Famicom controller, so we could say this is a Super Famicom themed Joy-Con as well! 😁
You’ll love this Joy-Con modding guys!
I do a Switch JoyCon teardown, do the mod, and then reassemble the Joy-Con.

Now, someone needs to find how to put a D-PAD in the left Joy-Con! πŸ˜…

Looking for these buttons online? Just go to ebay and type “ABXY replacement new 3ds”.

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